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Member & Certified CxA




Welcome to TnC Consulting Ltd, offers a comprehensive range of services in the commissioning of heating, cooling and ventilation systems for industrial and commercial customers throughout Europe and Middle East. 

TnC is a member of "AABC Commissioning Group" and also a "Certified Commissioning Authority". This is what differs us from the other companies around the region.

Also TnC is a NEBB Certified TAB Firm which is  working on many international projects for Testing, Adjusting and Balancing works. TnC has all TAB equipments that NEBB requires. All equipments are kept as calibrated.

ThThe company and staff are  members of the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)

We have a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience in the building mechanical and electrical systems. We ensure that all recently installed and existing building heating, cooling and ventilation systems are monitored and thoroughly tested, before commissioning them for use, providing relevant certification to the necessary parties.


Why choose TnC Consulting Ltd?

When looking for a certified trustable company, the options are limited. As TnC is a NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau)  certified Testing Adjusting Balancing Company, our customers are ensured that they will be having the most trustable accurate service.

TnC is also a certified company from AABC Commissioning Group, this ensures the TnC's commissioning responsibilities and capabilities.

Our mission is simple.  To provide an efficient team of TAB and commissioning engineers who pride themselves on carrying out all work to the highest of standards. Our commitment to achieve high levels of customer service has enabled us to undertake a wide variety of commissioning contracts for a large number of clients, across a variety of sectors, some of which include:

-Commercial & Industrial Buildings

-Hotel & Leisure Facilities

-Military Facilities

-Govermantal Buildings,


-Universities & Schools


commissioning ankara
TAB ve commissioning firması, Ankara, Commissioning Türkiye, Turkey

We enhance our clients’ profitability by providing comprehensive engineering, project delivery, validation, commissioning, start-up, asset reliability, regulatory compliance, energy reduction, and quality assurance services.  We serve the pharmaceutical, biotech, process chemical, oil & gas, power generation, other industrial/ manufacturing, research and development, and public/ private facilities. 


These services are performed with the highest degree of integrity, both at the corporate and personal levels.  Our innovative approaches help client teams achieve high quality, increased reliability, faster project delivery, reduced energy and other operating costs, and a reasonable approach to regulatory compliance. 

commissioning Turkey
commissioning Türkiye


As TnC Consulting, we provide the following services to our clients:

  • Commissioning(Cx) Management

  • Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)

  • LEED Consultancy

  • Management & Consultancy

  • Independent Design Reviewing

  • Energy Modeling and Management

  • O&M Manuals Preparation Consultancy

  • Operator/End User Training

Contact Us


For More Information on Our Services, Please Call Us:

+90 535 681 16 55


Adress:  Cevizlidere Mahallesi, Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Caddesi, Aras Plaza, No:153 Daire 1




TnC aims to establish new, practical approaches and standards for industry to better deliver and operate manufacturing facilities. Our clients have projects with schedule and financial constraints, business/ energy challenges, and regulatory compliance requirements.  When one or more of our employees serve as part of such a project team, the project will have a significantly greater chance of success.


TnC has been the standard by which all other similar service providers are judged. We continue to strive for excellence, providing quality teams based on the strength of our corporate reputation.

Our Team


Our team provides comprehensive commissioning services from start-up to project delivery with the capabilities to bring your project through planning, design, construction, and turnover, while meeting schedule and associated budgets. The firm's multi-discipline expertise in MEP systems design, HVAC controls, systems balancing, containment, electrical testing, O&M training, operations and maintenance, as well as system and process diagnostics, provides an authoritative and effective commissioning resource.


TnC employees are well-qualified consultants, engineers or technical specialists.  Our employees are highly motivated individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to help our clients achieve their project objectives.  We offer our employees a balance of quality of life, financial gain and security, and professional advancement and achievement, and as a result, we offer highly motivated professionals for our clients.

News & Publications

02.01.2019 Tupras Laboratory Building


Testing and measurement works of the Tupras Main Laboratory Building has been completed by our experienced TAB team.

18.12.2018 Brazzaville US Embassy


Commissioning works of Brazzaville U.S. Embassy, Kongo is continuing with approval of the commissioning execution plan. Our experienced team will be on site in a few weeks for Cx execution work

01.12.2018 Johannesburg MSGR, US Embassy


Commissioning and TAB works of MSGR building in Johannesburg U.S. Embassy, South Africa has been successfully completed.

30.11.2017 Athens US Embassy


Commissioning works of Athens U.S. Embassy, Greece is completed succesfully. 

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